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London University - Officers Training Corps - F.

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This Roll of War Service records the names and other particulars of officers and former officers and former cadets of the University of London Officers Training Corps who rendered commissioned service in the War between the dates 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 (Armistice).

Former Cadets - F:

Faber, Capt. John Benbow, R.E. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College ? F. March 15 to September 16: M.C.
Facey, Lt. Reginald Vaughan, R.A.F. : St. Mary's Hospital ? F. October 17 to June 18.
Fagan, Capt. Richard Feltrim, R.A.M.C. : University College Hospital
Fagge, Lt. Kenelm Arthur, R.F.A. : B.Sc, R. School of Mines ? F. May 15 to September 16 (wounded and invalid) and September 17 to January 18 (invalid).
Fairbairn, Lt. Donald Charles, R.G.A. : St. Bart's Hospital ? F. May 16 to November 18 : M.C.
Fallon, Capt. Peter, London Regiment ? F. wounded and invalid : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
Farebrother, 2nd Lt. Claude Andrews, Bedford R. & R. Berks. R. ? F. April to August 18 (wounded).
Faris-Barlow, 2nd Lt. Almeric William Wemyss, Middlesex R. : King's College
Farley, Lt. Cecil Alfred, R.G.A. ? F. May 17 to March 18.
Farnham, Capt. Ralph, Lan. Fus. : B.A., Birkbeck College ? Gallipoli October 15 ; Egypt 16 to 17 ; F. 17 (invalid) and July to October 18.
Farquhar, Lt. Ferdinand, R.A.S.C.* invalid
Farquharson, Capt. William, R.A.M.C. : St. Mary's Hospital
Farr, Surg. Lt. Laurence Ernest Augustus Bolton, R.N. : King's College Hospital*H.M.S. Birkenhead September 17 to August 18; H.M.S. Princess Royal August 18 to April 19.
Farren, Lt. John, Suff. R. attd. R.W. Surr. R. : King's College* F. July 15 to July 16 (wounded and invalid) and October to November 16.
Farries, Lt. Leonard James, R.G.A. : City & Guilds College* F. June 17 to January 18 & July to August 18 (wounded).
Farrin, and Lt. Stuart Thomas, LA. : B.Sc, King's College
Farrington, Capt. Reginald Gilbert, R.F.A. : Guy's Hospital ? Egypt March 15 to January 16 ; F. July 16 to February 19 : M.C.
Farrow, Lt. Edwin Percy, Manchester R. : University College
Farrow, Capt. Jack, S. Wales Bord. : B.Sc, King's College ? Dardanelles ; Mesopotamia to April 16 : mentioned in despatches (twice).
Farthing, Lt. George Gresle, Tank Corps : Northampton Polytechnic ? F. January 18 to January 19.
Fasken, Lt. Noel Edward, Devon. R. & R.N. Devon. Hrs. : Guy's Hospital
Faulkner, Lt. Charles Eric, R.E. : B.Sc, University College ? F. November 17 to January 19.
Faulkner, Lt. Harry, R.E. ; B.Sc.
Faull, 2nd Lt. William Collins, R.F.C. : St. Mary's Hospital ? F. February 17.
Faux, Lt. Sydney Ewart, Manchester R. : Northampton Poly, ? F. July i6 (wounded and invalid) and September to October 17 (invalid).
Fawcett, Capt. Hugh Alderson, R.A.M.C. : University College
Fazan, 2nd Lt. Roy, R. Suss. R. : Middlesex Hospital ? F. February to May 15.
Feiling, Capt. (A/Maj.) Anthony, R.A.M.C. : M.D., B.C., B.A., Camb. ; St. Bart's Hospital ? Mesopotamia 16 to 19 : mentioned in despatches.
Felce, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Geoffrey Edward WooUcombe, R.N.V.R. : Guy's Hospital ? H.M.S. Rob Roy, Grand Fleet.
Feldman, Capt. William, RA.M.C. : M.B., B.S., University College & Hospital ? home service ; invalid
Fellows, 2nd Lt. Arthur Simpson, Wore. R. ? F. to Apr, 17,
Fells, 2nd Lt, Sydney Frederick John, R.A.F. : Northampton Polytechnic
Fenton, 2nd Lt. Frank Charles, M.G. Corps. ? F, May to Oct, 18 (wounded): M.C.
Fenw^ick, Lt. Arthur Hearle, Lab. Corps : B.Sc, King's College
Feore, Lt. Emmanuel Archibald, London Regiment & M.G. Corps.
Ferguson, Lt. Andrew Jamieson, High. L.I
Ferguson, Capt. Archibald, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., St. Bart's Hospital* Mediterranean E.F. July 15 to June 16 and December 16 to January 17 ; Indian E.F. (Hospital Ship) June to December 16 ; Italian E.F. Jan, to December 18,
Ferguson, Capt, Henry Horatio Edward, High, L.I.: Birkbeck College ? F, June 16 to September 17.
Ferguson, Lt. Keith Evans, R.F.A.* F. March 16 to October 17 (wounded and invalid).
Fergusson, Lt, Alec Everett, R.GA, : St. Thomas's Hospital* F, August 17 to January 19.
Few, Capt, (A/Maj,) Ernald John Liddon. R.E. : R, School of Mines ? F. November 15 to June 19 ; wounded twice : M.C.
Fido, 2nd Lt. Cecil Herbert Adamson, Welch R. ? F. December 17 to February 18.
Fidoe, Capt. John Walter, R.E. ? F. November 16 to December 18 : mentioned in despatches.
Field, Capt. Arthur Percival, London Regiment : Battersea Polytechnic* invalid
Field, Capt. Edmund Ventris, London Regiment ? F. November 14 to May 15 and September 16 : wounded and invalid
Fielding, 2nd Lt, William Fred, Lab, Corps : King's College,* F. Dec, 18 to February 19.
Fields- Clarke, Capt. Philip Cyril Egbert, R.E. : City & Guilds College * F. July 15 to November 18.
Fieldsend, Capt. Charles Edward, I.A. : B.Sc, King's College* India, 15 ; Mesopotamia December 15 to April 17 (wounded) ; Palestine December 17 to May 18 (wounded) ; Egypt August 18 to December 18 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
Finch, Lt. Haralde Edward Rene, R.A.F. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College* home service
Finlayson, Capt. Arthur Ruthven, R. War. R. : University College ? F. January 16 to November 17 (gassed and invalid).
Finnis, 2nd Lt. William Frank, R.G.A. ? F. December 16 to May 17.
Fippard, Capt. Richard Clift, W. York, R, attd. Lan, Fus, * Dardanelles March, to June 15,
Firman-Edwards, Surg, Lt. Langdon Percival Lorimer, R,N. : St. Bart's Hospital ?H.M.S. Valorous, Grand Fleet, August 17 to February 19 ; H.M.S. Implacable, Portland, March to May 19.
Firth, Capt. Richard Bradley, R.F.A. ? F. November 16 to August 18 : M.C.
Fischer, Capt. Cedric Errol, R.E. : King's College
Fisher, Maj. Cecil James, E. Kent R. (Capt. Middlesex R. & Staff) ? Mesopotamia : D.S.O. ; O.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches (twice).
Fisher, Rev. Edward, C/F : B.Sc, King's College & City & Guilds College
Fisher, Capt. Harry Nettleton, E. Surr. R. : University College* F. July 16 to December 18 : M.C.
Fisher, Lt. John Carew, R.E. ; B.Sc* F. July 17 to February 19.
Fisher, 2nd Lt. Robert, S. Staff. R. attd. York. & Lane. R. : East London College & London Day Training College ? F. to November 16.
Fisk, Capt. Sidney William, R.A.M.C. : Middlesex Hospital* Salonika 16 to 17 ; F. January to May 18 (wounded and invalid).
Fitch, Capt. Arthur Alfred, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital ? India March 17 to March 19 (invalid).
Fitch, Lt. Conrad William, R.W. Surr. R. : City & Guilds College ? F. March to July 16.
Fitch, Lt. Ralph William, R.E. : Northampton Polytechnic* F. April to November 18.
Fitch, Lt. Tresham Vivian, R.W. Fus.
Fitz-Herbert, Fit. Lt. Evelyn Cecil Walter, R.A.F. : King's College * E. Africa December 15 to March 18": D.S.C.
Fitzmaurice, Capt. Lindsay, Som. L.I. ? November 16 ; wounded September 15.
Fitzsimons, 2nd Lt. Edward, Ches. R. : King's College * F. ; invalid
Flackfeld, Lt. Alfred Edward, R.E. : City & Guilds College
Fleming, Lt. Francis William, R.E. * F. September 16 to February 19.
Fleming, Capt. Norman Bell Beattie, R.A.M.C. : M.B., Charing Cross Hospital
Fleming, Capt. Robert Hood, R.A.M.C: B.Sc, M.B., B.S., East London College & Middlesex Hospital
Flenley, Capt. Ralph, R.F.A. : M.A., L'pool, B.Litt., Oxf . * F. November 15 to February 19 : mentioned in despatches (twice).
Fletcher, 2nd Lt. Arthur Joseph, R. Fus. * F. to April 17.
Fletcher, 2nd Lt. Cyril John, W. York. R. : King's College * invalid
Fletcher, 2nd Lt. William George, N. Staff. R. : London Hospital ? F. as dresser December 14 ; as officer August 15 to January 16 (wounded and invalid) and May to July 16.
FLiNN, 2nd Lt. Cyril Herbert, Essex R. : B.Sc, University College * F. November 16 to April 17.
Flint, Capt. Algernon Horace, R.G.A. : LL.B., Camb. ? F. June 16 to May 17 (wounded) and November 17 (prisoner of War).
Flintan, Capt. Francis Malcolm Timothy, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon) : Middlesex Hospital
Flynn, Lt. Walter Alan, R.A.M.C. : Guy's Hospital
Foley, Lt. Thomas William Winspeare, Leinster R. : B.A., Dublin. ? F. 16.
Foley, Maj. Walter Barham, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., St. Thomas's Hospital * F. September to November 15 ; Macedonia December 15 to September 18 ; Serbia September to December 18 ; Dardanelles December 18 to April 19 : O.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches (twice).
Follows, Lt. Charles Geoffrey Shield, Liverpool R. : Royal College of Science
Foot, Capt. P. B. D.-H. {see under " Officers and Former Officers ").
Foot, Maj, Richard Cunningham, R.F.A. : R. School of Mines* F. 14 to 16 and January 17 to February 19 ; Egypt 16 : M.C. ; Star of Roumania, Chevalier.
Forbes, Lt. George Cran Ogg, Gord. Highlanders
Forbes, 2nd Lt. Noel Edmund, R.F.A. : City & Guilds College* F. November 14 to May 15.
Ford, Lt. Amos Soden, London Regiment : London Hospital * wounded twice.
Ford, 2nd Lt. Fletcher Calvert, D. of Corn. L.L * F. April to August 16 (wounded and invalid).
Ford, 2nd Lt. Norman, R.E.* F. 16 to April 18.
Ford, 2nd Lt. Ronald Burnley, Wore. R. : King's College ? invalid
Forestier, Capt. Walter Waldorf, D. of Corn. L.L * F. July 15 to Apr 16 (invalid) ; Palestine 18 : M.C.
Forest- Smith, Surg. Lt. John, R.N. : St. Thomas's Hospital * mentioned in Admiralty despatches.
Formilli, Lt. Leo Gerald, R.G.A. : R. School of Mines.
Forsey, Lt. George Frank, M.G. Corps.: M.A., University College * Mesopotamia March 17 to January 19.
Forster, Lt. Christopher Jack, R.F.A. and R.E. : University College * Dardanelles May to September 15 (invalid) ; F. January 16 to February 17 (invalid) and June to July 17.
Fort, Lt. Cecil Walter, Devon. R. * F. May to Nov, 17 ; Italy November 17 to April 18 ; F. April 18 to February 19 : M.C.
Fortune, Lt, George Edgar, W. York R. : King's College
Foster, 2nd Lt. Alfred, R.F,A, : St, Bart's Hosp, ? F, to Apr, 17.
Foster, 2nd Lt. George Haslewood, R.E. : B.Eng., Liverpool ; R. School of Mines* F. 17 to March 18.
Foster, 2nd Lt. Robert Clow, SufF, R. : B,A., King's College* F, June 17 to Apr, 18,
Foster, Lt, Wilfred, Manch, R, : Guy's Hospital * F. March to June 18 (gassed and invalid),
Foster-Smith, Maj. Geoffrey Troughton, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., Guy's Hospital
Foulsham, Capt. Herbert Morton, R.F,A.
Foulston, Lt, Edward Garratt, Yorks, L.L : Guy's Hospital* invalid
Foulston, Capt. William Frederick, R.E,
Fouraker, Lt, Leslie Frank, R, Lane. R, : Guy's Hospital
Fowle, Lt. Fulwar William Craven, R.E,
Fowler, 2nd Lt. Cecil James, R,A,F, : King's College
Fowler, Capt, Herbert Henry Charles, R.E. : King's College* F. July 16 to January 19 ; wounded twice and gassed twice : M.C. with bar ; mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre (French).
Fox, Maj. Charles Joshua, R.A.M.C. : Charing Cross Hospital * F. November 14 to March 19 : mentioned in despatches.
Fox, Lt. Hyman, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon) : King's College & Guy's Hospital
Fox, Capt. Ralph Henry Shoolbred, R.E. : King's College * M.C.
Fox, Lt. Reginald William Lansly, Hamps, R,
Fox, Lt, Walter Stephen, R, Fus. * F. ; wounded September 16,
Foxell, Surg. Lt. Humphrey Leonard George, R.N. : M.B., B.S., University College & Hospital*H.M. Hospital Ship, Scheldt, 14; H.M.S. Cornwallis
Egypt and Gallipoli (invalid) ; H.M.S. Kempenfelt, Grand Fleet, 18 : mentioned in despatches.
Foxlee, Lt. Ralph Rudd, R.E.
Fox-Russell, Capt. John, R.A.M.C. : Middlesex Hospital ? Palestine : V.C.; M.C.
Foy, Maj. Philip Arnold, R.E.^F. : M.C; mentioned in despatches (thrice).
France, Capt. William Henry, Middlesex R. : King's College ? invalid
Francis, Capt. Christopher Thomas, R. Scots : B.Sc, London School of Economics ? F. July 15 to May i6.
Francis, 2nd Lt. Edward Griffith, London Regiment : University College ? F. February to May 16.
Francis, Lt. Wilfrid Frederick, Herts. R. : St. Mary's Hospital ? F. May to July 16 (wounded) and November 16 to July 17 (prisoner of War) : M.C.
Frank, 2nd Lt. Hugh Robert, R.A.F. ? F. to July 18.
Frank, Capt. Thomas Peirson, R.E.
Franklin, Lt. Benjamin Lester, R.F.C. : B.Sc, University College* F. July 15 to 16 and March to May 17.
Franks, 2nd Lt. Donald Arthur, R. War. R. ? F. October to November 18 (wounded),
Franks, Lt. John, London Regiment : London Hospital
Fraser, Lt. Duncan Beaufort, R.F.A. : St. Bart's Hospital ? F. August to December 16 (invalid) and August 17 to January 19 : mentioned in despatches.
Fraser, 2nd Lt. James McCardle, R.E. : B.Sc, Glasgow ? F. January 18 to February 19.
Fraser- Campbell, 2nd Lt. Evan, R.E. : B.S., Harvard. ? F. June 18 to January 19.
Frayling, Capt. Bryan Edwin, R.E. : R. School of Mines ? F. May 15 to March 19 ; mentioned in despatches.
Frayling, 2nd Lt. Michael Stapleton, R.F.A. ? F. August to September 16.
Frazer, Capt. (A/Maj.) Donald Richard, M.G. Corps : King's College
Freeborn, Lt. Frederic Victor, E. Surr. R. : Battersea Polytechnic ? India March to December 17 ; Mesopotamia Dec 17 to January 19 ; mentioned in despatches.
Freedman, Lt. Sydney, E. Kent R. ? invalid
Freegard, Lt. (A/Capt.) John Gibson Lockhart, M.G. Corps ? F. August to October 17 (wounded) and April to February 19.
Freeman, Capt. Frank Richard, R.A.F. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College ? F. April to September 18.
Freeman, Lt. Robert Stuart, RA.S.C. : City & Guilds College ? Egyptian E.F. September 17 to August 19.
Freeman, Lt. Sydney Hall, R.F.A. ? F. : mentioned in despatches.
Freeman, 2nd Lt. Tom, North 'n R. : East London College ? F. February 16 to February 17
Freeth, Maj. Lancelot Gerhard Causton, R.E. : City & GuildsCoU. ? F. August 15 to March 19 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
French, Capt. Archibald Charles, Lab. Corps : King's College ? F. March 16 to December 19.
French, 2nd Lt. Robert, R.A.S.C. : St. Bart's Hospital
French, 2nd Lt. Robert Douglas, London Regiment : London Hospital ? F. May to September 16.
Fretton, Capt. William Hector, R.E. : B.A., B.Eng., Dublin. ? F. December 16 to March 19.
Frier, Lt. John Drummond, Spec. Lists : Royal College of Science
Fripp, Capt. Samuel Trude, R.A.F. (Lt. R.F.A.) : Middlesex Hospital ? F. November 15 to February 17 (invalid) ; Aviation Mission to U.S.A. March to November 18 : mentioned in Air Ministry Reports.
Frost, 2nd Lt. George Jesse, Suffolk R. : East London College ? F. May to September 15.
Fry, Capt. Benjamin, R.A.O.C.
Fry, Capt. Hubert John Burgess, R.A.M.C. : M.D., B.Sc, St. Thomas's Hospital ? F. : mentioned in despatches.
Fry, Lt. (A/Maj.) Hugh Guyon, R.E.»F. : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches (twice).
Fryer, Capt. George Reginald, Lan. Fus. & Liverpool R.
Fryer, Capt. Henry Norman, Lan. Fus. : B.A., University College
Fugeman, Capt. William Alfred, R. Fus. ? Dover Coast defence work 15 to April 16 ; F. April i6 to December 17.
Fuller, Capt. Andrew Radburne, R.A.M.C. : St. Mary's Hospital*F. ; invalid 17.
Fuller, 2nd Lt. Leonard Arthur, Durh. L.L and R.F.C. : R. School of Mines. ? F. April to May 17.
Fulton, 2nd Lt. Ernest Alan, Middlesex R. ; M.A., Oxf. ; University College ? F. to October 16.
Fyers, Lt. Harry Amelius Beauclerk, R.E.* F. : D.S.O. ; mentioned in despatches.